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Shanghai Jessubond Traffic Safety New Material Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of convex mirror, dome mirror, under vehicle inspection mirror and decorative mirror. We have full series of manufacturing equipment and injection devices, which allow us to provide customer with qualified products...

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Shanghai Jessubond Traffic Safety New Material Co., Ltd.

Service & Support

We have made and export convex mirror, dome mirror and other plastic safety mirror for more than 15 years, and we have cooperating factories of other traffic safety products, such as speed bump, wheel stopper, corner guard, parking lock etc, so we can provide all the safety products to customers and ...Learn More >>

  • Service

    1. Professional and passionate overseas business team All the sales and merchandisers in our team are with working experience more than 4 years on overseas business trade. Everyone...

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  • R & D

    Product development folw chart RD is very important to a factorys development, which will help us provide qualified,greeable and marketing required products.Jessubond is with a ver...

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  • FAQ

    Q: what is the angle of the indoor and outdoor convex mirror? A: 130 degree. Q: what is the degree of dome mirror? A: full dome mirror 360 degree, half dome mirror 180 degree, and ...

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